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Deerfield Park

Deerfield Park Deerfield Park is home to Cooper Field, home field for the Rifle Bears Baseball team, as well as, four softball fields (Taugenbaugh, Graham, Bookcliff and Hogback), two soccer fields (Spevere and Anvil Points) and a basketball court. The Deerfield Park Multi-Use Fields are located north of Rifle off of Highway 13. Visitors will also find the Veterans’ War…

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Centennial Park

Centennial Park Centennial Park consists of a beautiful outdoor amphitheater, childrens’ splash park, picnic shelters, trails and green space. Centennial Park is located on the Rifle Creek Trail between 3rd and 9th street. Entrances to the park and parking areas can be found on the west end of 5th St. and off of Park Ave. One of the highlights of…

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