Rifle Fish Hatchery & Riparian Zone

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The Rifle Falls Fish Hatchery is located at 11466 State Highway 325, just north of Rifle Falls State Park. Rifle Falls Fish Hatchery is one of 19 hatcheries in the state dedicated to improving fish populations in order to enhance angling opportunities and contribute to native species recovery efforts. The Rifle hatchery is the largest state-owned and operated trout production hatchery in Colorado and produces rainbow, cutthroat, brook, and brown trout. The fish hatchery is open 8 am – 4 pm year-round, and includes a Visitor Center and viewing room, “Feed The Fish” food dispensers (requires quarters), and a fishing pond for kids. Guided tours are available during the summer months. The Riparian Zone is just south of the Fish Hatchery and is a unique cascading waterfall with lush riparian grasses. A short trail leads across the cascades and along the other side. A dirt road leads can be hiked further south to connect to Rifle Falls State Park.