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Beaver Creek Trail

Beaver Creek Trailhead #2161 is one of the closest Forest Service recreation sites to Rifle, located just 9.5 miles from the roundabout just south of I-70.  It’s a great hike all four season of the year, however, you’ll need snowshoes in the winter months.

The trailhead is located 9.4 miles from the roundabout just south of the I-70 overpass.  Start by turning right at the roundabout (7th St), which turns in Garden Lane, which leads into County Road 320. Continue up on to Taugenbaugh Mesa to County Road 317. Turn left on 317 to Forest District Road 824 and follow the signs to the Beaver Creek Trailhead.  Keep in mind that it’s 4 miles from the roundabout just south of I-70 to the dirt road, and another 5.5 miles from the start of the dirt road to the trailhead parking area. 

From the trailhead parking area, hikers can cross Beaver Creek and follow for 1.2 miles to the top of the ridge. The incline to the ridge is pretty moderate, but it’ll get your blood pumping.  From there, you can descend into the West Mamm Drainage or stay on top of the ridge to explore the Battlement Mesa, or link up with the Battlement Trail.  This is truly a beautiful trail that can be enjoyed by the entire family.  

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