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The Flat Tops

THE Flat Tops The region is a high plateau filled with forests, meadows, hills, canyons, valleys, and spectacular views of DISTANT mountain ranges. The name Flat Tops refers to a large region of the White River National Forest northeast of Rifle.  Contrary to their name, the western Flat Tops nearest Rifle are not actually flat. More accessible than its wilderness…

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Rifle Creek Valley

Rifle Creek Valley Follow Rifle Creek as it spills out of the Flat Tops and into the ranchlands and communities below. This trip highlights the best of Rifle. And bring your toys! With three State Parks (Rifle Falls, Rifle Gap, and Harvey Gap) Rifle Mountain Park, Rifle Creek Golf Course, and endless BLM and Forest Service lands, you can spend…

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Rifle Mountain Park

RIFLE MOUNTAIN PARK NOTICE: Rifle Mountain Park Closed Due to Flooding May 18, 2023 Learn More The beautiful canyon of Rifle Mountain Park has long drawn crowds. Those looking to escape the heat of the lower plains come and enjoy the adventure in the picturesque setting of this rugged place. Modern climbing was introduced to the area in the mid…

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